A hotel for pets between homes
A hotel for pets between homes

Residents & Staff

These are the permanent residents and staff at Hotel McColm


Queen of the hotel, Alaska is our beautiful girl. Rescued in 1996.



Teensie RIP

Teens Virginia was only 4 ounces when we found him starving in a brush pile after his momma died. A fitting prince. UPDATE: We lost our sweet Teensie in 2017 and we miss him dearly.



Boots joined the Hotel McColm staff in early 2019. He is so much like our Teensie that we wonder about reincarnation!



Whiskers is a Wire Mouth Heeler. He took his place as King in 2012.



Whiskers & Frank

Whiskers was joined by a buddy in 2014. Frank came from the same farm and looked similar to Whiskers when he first arrived at the hotel. But, soon grew plump and long hair. He's our hotel concierge.



Patches is our green-eyed "P." She's princess of the hotel.

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Steve and Denni McColm with Whiskers @whiskersthedog


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